Our Process

Building a home can feel like a daunting task, but that is where Rayn Properties’ years of experience come into play. We work with you from the start and provide you with updates as your home progresses from a plot of land to an elegant oasis.

Phase 1

We meet and go over the project details. We discuss your wants and needs and relay that information with an architect. This part of the process turns your idea into a tangible blueprint and rendering that we’ll be working off of for the next few months. Our clients love the attention to detail and hands on approach that we take at this stage.

Phase 2

We break ground. As blueprints are approved and permits are processed, we’re talking to our trusted and accredited partners and preparing them for the job ahead. We have a firm belief that high end doesn’t equal high cost. With our network of partners, we work within your budget and create high end homes.

Phase 3

As your project starts to take shape, you’ll start picking out the finer details. What color exterior, interior? What do you want to do to make your home stand out? We work with a handful of Victoria’s top designers that can assist you with this process. Rayn has an eye for detail and work hand in hand with you during this process to make your home pop.

Phase 4

Your favorite phase. The keys are handed over and you move into your beautiful, custom home. All the hard work and decisions have paid off and now you can have that house warming party you’ve been planning.